Christmas Countdown

-written by Nikki Bergstresser (December 2017)

Christmas Countdown

Five nights before Christmas, there’s much left to do

Shopping, baking and decorating too.

Some are all ready, their houses pristine.

I’m waiting for elves that might help me to clean.

Just trying to get in the ‘Christmasy’ mood

And keeping at bay any Grinch attitude.

For, “Did you get that?” and “Did you do this?”

Trying to make sure there’s nothing I miss.

Yet part of me just wants to lay on the couch

Avoiding the chaos and being a slouch.

Watch Hallmark movies from morning till night

Cause you know by the end everything is alright.

Stay in my pjs and not comb my hair

Eat caramel popcorn, drink wine without care.

It’s time to stop daydreaming, get the job done.

No elves are coming to join in the fun.

For Santa is sweet, a big jolly dude

But momma’s the one who prepares all the food.

It’s ok if things don’t go just as I plan

Just breathe, bite the head off a gingerbread man.

Adjust expectations and keep them real low.

Take a page from Queen Elsa and just let it go.

For days may seem long but years go by fast

Hold on to the moments, make memories that last.

-Nikki Bergstresser (December 2017)

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