My desire as an author is to plant seeds of positivity, kindness and hope with my words.


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Seasons for Stones is a beautiful, heart-warming story that teaches children the importance of caring for others in simple, practical ways. I love the cross-generational friendship and the way Tilly’s kindness rubs off on others in the neighborhood. This book will be a wonderful addition to the preschool or primary class library!”

-Christa Rachwalski, kindergarten teacher

“A few pages into this story and you’ll wish that sweet and thoughtful Tilly would live right next door! As Tilly contemplates how to cheer up the formerly very active gardener Mrs. Miller, who lives in her neighborhood, your heart will soar as she unfolds her practical and compassionate plan that provides just what Mrs. Miller needs in her healing process. In this inspiring, cross-generational story, Tilly gently teaches us that words do not need to be spoken to be powerful.”

-Jennifer L.M. Starcevic, school and public library technician

“When words are so often used negatively, Seasons for Stones is a refreshing reminder of the positive impact our words can have on others. Seasons for Stones encourages children to use their words to make a BIG difference in the lives of those around them.”

-Kim Fleming, second grade teacher

Seasons for Stones is a heart-warming story that shares how small acts of kindness can have a far reaching impact. You can’t help but fall in love with Tilly, the main character, whose kindness to a lonely neighbor inspires a whole neighborhood to work together. Tilly’s caring heart and generosity are contagious. Share this story with the children in your life to teach them that no matter what their age or circumstances, they can make a difference. I can’t wait to read more stories by Nikki Bergstresser!”

-Sandra Venema, elementary school vice-principal