About Nikki

Nikki is an author of children’s books and writer of sweet romance. Her debut picture book Seasons for Stones was released on August 18, 2020 with Brandylane Publishing. In February 2021, Nikki has a sweet romance novel, Saving Heart and Home that she co-wrote with an author friend, coming out with Melange Books. Nikki recently announced that her second picture book, Lila Lou’s Library will be out with Cardinal Rule Press in the fall of 2021.

Being in nature is where Nikki gets some of her best motivation for writing stories. Most of her stories revolve around her love of critters, large and small.

As a child, Nikki’s parents read to her and shared their love of stories. One of the best gifts they gave her was to foster a love of books and writing. Nikki became an elementary school teacher and loved using picture books and storytelling with her students. Her home is bursting at the seams with a plethora of books for young and old.

Nikki’s Kindergarten School Photo

Along her travels, Nikki loves finding quaint book shops in small towns and losing herself in a good story. Nikki enjoys developing and facilitating book clubs for elementary children and teenagers and most recently started up an adult book club in her neighborhood to connect with neighbors.

Nikki lives in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, just outside of Vancouver with her husband and two daughters. Their house is also home to Moose and Meese, two rather large rescue cats, a bearded lizard called Kermit, and a little Dachshund named Delilah, who can never be more than two paw lengths away from her family. Since their house is on a mountain there are many wild critters that come to visit during the day and night. Birds, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, deer, a timid bobcat and even an occasional bear and cougar have been known to enjoy the stream and forest behind her house.

A love of acting has given Nikki opportunities to be involved in background work on television as well as acting in some independent and short films.

Nikki loves meeting people and hearing about their life journey as everyone has a story to tell. She would love to hear from you, too!  Keep watch for some upcoming projects that Nikki will be sharing with you soon.

Nikki believes in the power of kindness to create change, and that taking small steps will lead to beautiful journeys.

If you are interested in having Nikki come to your classroom, library or bookstore for a visit or a virtual author visit, connect with her her here for further information.

May your day be filled with sunshine and your cup with coffee!

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  1. Congratulations on this wonderful journey that you are about to embark on! I love the calming purple, and the write up, describes you perfectly!!!

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