Snuggle Up to Reading Over Christmas,

Did you know there are 36 days until Christmas? Now check your pulse. Did that realization make your heart race, fill you with panic or did it bring a smile to your face with anticipation? We all face the lead up to Christmas with a different attitude. And sometimes different years bring added stress or […]

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Christmas Countdown

-written by Nikki Bergstresser (December 2017) Christmas Countdown Five nights before Christmas, there’s much left to do Shopping, baking and decorating too. Some are all ready, their houses pristine. I’m waiting for elves that might help me to clean. Just trying to get in the ‘Christmasy’ mood And keeping at bay any Grinch attitude. For, […]

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Avoiding Christmas Chaos

Being purposeful and proactive to make Christmas more peaceful in your household.

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