Journey On

Tomorrow my dad has his birthday. And living provinces away, I am not able to celebrate with him face to face. It is sometimes difficult being so far away from family. My dad has given me a love of reading, writing and nature throughout my life and for that I will always be grateful. He loves to write so I thought this year I would write him something as part of my gift. He battled cancer with strength and determination three years ago, it was a hard journey but he chose to journey on. So Happy Birthday to a wonderful dad!

With much love, your daughter. xxoo


When the path laid out before you bends and turns and twists…journey on.

 When majestic trees stretch up to the sky, casting shadows down below…journey on.

 When moss fallen logs and broken branches try to stop you in your tracks…journey on.

 When feet begin to tire and you think it’s time to stop…journey on.

 When the trail rises up and you climb and climb and climb…journey on.

 When you stumble on the rocks and you feel yourself slow down…journey on.

 When wind blows hard and rain beats down and almost knocks you over…journey on.

 When the path of travel splits ahead and you have to make a choice…journey on.

 When you meet the rushing river and need to cross the bridge…journey on.

 And when you finally reach the end, stop and look around.

 See where you have been, each step and struggle has made you who you are.

 For each journey makes you stronger and gives you something new.

 You look at things much differently than when you first began.

 Took the risks, learned and grew on a journey made for you.

 And in the end stand tall, be proud because you chose to journey on.

 -Nikki Bergstresser

(April 12, 2018)



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