This past May our family had the opportunity to travel to Europe, visiting Germany and Denmark. On the first leg of our journey we drove from Frankfurt to Berlin and I noticed beautiful patches of wild flowers along the way. I marvelled at the quaint little towns we would pass with church steeples standing tall. […]

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Journey On

Tomorrow my dad has his birthday. And living provinces away, I am not able to celebrate with him face to face. It is sometimes difficult being so far away from family. My dad has given me a love of reading, writing and nature throughout my life and for that I will always be grateful. He […]

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Connecting with Our Canada 🇨🇦

When I’m not an author, I’m an actor. My family would easily attest to that and my friends know I follow Shakespeare’s “all the world’s a stage” philosophy. I can bring the drama. (No comments needed.) My husband often says I don’t even need to speak a word as my emotions are in my facial […]

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