(Inspired by When You Give a Mouse a Cookie series)

When you give an author a deadline, she sits down at her computer to begin to compose. 

The author remembers she never writes well without a cup of coffee beside her and goes to the kitchen. 

Opening up the fridge to get the cream for her coffee, she notices there’s leftovers that need to be thrown away. 

The procrastinating author puts them into the garbage, which now makes the garbage bag overflowing and needing to be taken outside. 

After putting the garbage bag into the collection bin, she sees large weeds to pull in her flower pots. 

Pulling the large weeds causes leaves and soil to fall onto the steps. This now needs to be swept. 

While sweeping, she looks at her hands, dirty from pulling the weeds. They need to be washed before she gets back to her writing deadline. 

Washing her hands, the author looks down at the garbage can and remembers she didn’t put in a new garbage bag.

Putting in a new garbage bag, reminds the author she needs to pick up more garbage bags and goes to the grocery list on her fridge.

While writing on the list, she gets the most fabulous story idea and does not want to forget it.

Picking up her phone to record the story idea into her notes, the author notices a plethora of social media notifications.

Deciding she really needs to respond, the author is now lost down the Twitter rabbit hole until she comes across a friend’s tweet about a new book release.

Ordering the book online, reminds the author that she forgot to leave a review for another book she had just finished.

After leaving a review on Good Reads and Amazon, the writer remembers to request the book at the library so others could enjoy it too.

While in her library profile, she sees that the books she put on hold are waiting.

Driving back from picking up her books from the library, the author passes Tim Hortons and remembers she still has money on her coffee card.

Picking up her coffee from the drive thru, it reminds the author of the cold coffee waiting for her back at home….to help her while she worked on meeting her author deadline. 

Which causes her to think….

This would make for a great post on social media.
-❤️Nikki Bergstresser

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