Author Deadline


I was given a Friday deadline for submitting to my publisher and was reminded today by my oldest daughter that Vienna is nine hours earlier. Ooops! I am assuming my deadline is Vienna, Austria time, not BC pacific time.

I’m such a procrastinator because I guess I work best under pressure. haha.

I sent the girls outside to wash the patio furniture this afternoon so I could write. Win/win right? Then realizing the paint is peeling on my 17 year old patio furniture, I went to the paint store to pick up special spray paint to repaint the cast iron chairs. Which I did.

While painting the chairs, I noticed the BBQ grill was disgustingly dirty so I looked up online how to clean grills naturally.  While gathering the supplies to clean the grill, the doorbell then rang and the patio cushions I ordered from Lowes arrived. I put the new red cushions onto the now dry patio furniture and noticed it attracted a hummingbird. This reminded me my feeder needs more food and I was out. A trip to Buckerfields occurred to pick up more hummingbird food. Seriously???

Remember the book “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie?” I need to write one, “If you Give an Author a Deadline”.

Anyways, I have almost met my deadline despite my inability to stay focused. Just a few admin details tomorrow and I can officially submit.

Now to watch a taped Hallmark movie to celebrate….

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