Intentionally Connecting with Your Child

This was a post I had written last year and wanted to share it again. I will be completing some further blog posts on connecting with your child in the weeks to come. Enjoy and feel free to share your ideas and comments!

Nikki Bergstresser

autumnSeptember is a whirlwind of activities. From filling out a plethora of forms for each child, to making sure you have groceries to pack those school lunches and even just getting into the car on time for activities…without forgetting a child. It can be overwhelming! Calendars once again become filled with who has to be where with what and at what time. In my opinion, one can never have enough coffee for the first few weeks of September!

Last Monday I was feeling quite proud of myself for getting my daughter to tennis, packing a supper for her to eat in the car after the lesson and then picking up her friends and taking them all to their first time at youth group. We drive up to the event and I said, “Wow, we are the first to arrive!” Again, feeling proud of my organization and time management. Waiting for…

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