Corn & Apple Festival

For as long as I can remember, the last weekend in August meant a full weekend of celebrating Morden Manitoba’s Corn & Apple Festival. It was filled with food and entertainment. However, I think my highlight has always been the people. Walking up and down the main street meeting friends and sharing laughs. Moving away to university I still returned home with anticipation of the festival. Now having lived on the west coast for almost 20 years there was a time when I was unable to come back to enjoy the festivities. It’s only been in the last four years where my schedule changed that I have been able to come “home” again. And it’s been more special than ever because I have been able to introduce my daughters to all that Corn & Apple has to offer. At first I wondered if they would see the same joy I had for it. However, they fully embraced all the traditions and now are even more eager than I to attend. Each summer they make a list of “must do’s” when returning to Morden. My one daughter commented that only in Morden would she go to the post office and receive a ‘welcome home hug’ from someone that knew our family when I was going up, yet she had never met.

For our friends who often ask me why I get so excited about Morden’s Corn & Apple Festival 🌽🍎 ….here’s a few of my reasons….and maybe next year you may just find yourself making the trip to the prairies where you will be warmly welcomed!

‘Twas the night before Corn & Apple and all through the streets,

Set up was occurring with food and sweet treats.

The main stage put up with lights and sound tested,

Time to go home soon so we’d all be well rested.

For morning would come in a blink of an eye,

And first on our list was the pancakes to try.

Catching up with folks and sharing some laughs,

Then make a stop by the tents filled with crafts.

The midway is waiting with wild-crazy rides,

That will be sure to jostle and jolt your insides.

Hours spent walking up and down Stephen Street,

Cause half of the fun is the people you meet.

Free corn on the cob and apple cider galore,

A petting farm with goats and much to explore.

Saturday morning know there’s no time to snooze.

For it’s out the door early a parade spot to choose.

Tossing of candy and clowns will appear.

Those playing bagpipes are met with great cheer.

There’s horses, floats and Shriners galore.

And just when you ask, “Can there be any more?”

Cause with all that was seen the end must be near.

But out come the combines; Case and John Deere.

And finally, the sign that we know it’s a wrap

Come those carrying shovels and scooping horse crap.

We join in the crowds headed to munch,

For it’s Elk’s BBQ we are having for lunch.

Then Bingo is calling under the tent,

Hoping to win back the money we spent.

CottonWood stage is fiddling a song.

The seniors are dancing and singing along.

But the smell of fried onions calls me away

Catholic burgers are waiting there’s no time to stay.

And then it’s the main stage, the music so loud.

Chilliwack’s “My Girl” is drawing the crowd.

Corn & Apple weekend will soon draw to an end.

Summer is over and fall’s just round the bend.

We hear it exclaimed as we pass others near.

“Wasn’t it great? See you next year!”

-Nikki Kroetsch Bergstresser (2018)

For more information on the Morden Corn 🌽 & Apple 🍎 Festival check out their website by clicking this link: Corn & Apple Festival

So may your day be filled with festivities and your cup with apple cider!



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