Bug Off! Picture Book Review

This past year I had the privilege to connect with authors around the globe by writing for a storytelling app called Bedtime Stories-read and tell. One of the authors was Shawnie Clark (@Shawnie_Clark on Twitter).

Shawnie Clark’s most recent picture book, Bug Off was released this past week through Maclaren-Cochrane Publishing where the publishers also provide their books in a font designed for assisting readers with dyslexia.

In Bug Off, Shawnie introduces her readers to Peter Perry. Peter is self conscious about his name and beginning school. He has fears of the unknown and worries about what might happen. The author shares Peter’s inner dialogue in a way that will connect with children and provide an opportunity for discussions on the feelings related to new experiences. When Peter is faced with a bully, readers will empathize with his different emotions. Shawnie also brings in the concept of an understanding adult who addresses the issue of not being kind and recognizes the teasing happening to Peter. An element of humour is included when an unexpected misunderstanding occurs and the bullying is resolved through an act of kindness and the actions of a bug.

Bug Off by Shawnie Clark would make a wonderful read for children heading to school this fall. Using the book in the classroom would introduce children to the many emotions faced when dealing with bullying issues and fears of the unknown.

Click here to order a copy of Shawnie Clark’s Bug Off illustrated by Makarand Desai.

To read other books by Shawnie Clark and learn about upcoming projects visit her website http://booksbyshawnieclark.webs.com/

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